'twas the night before soap a thon

It is Thursday night and tomorrow the Games begin. It is very much like being a kid at Christmas waiting just one last sleep before you get the big wonderful surprise.  It is hard to sleep and yet it is what you need the most! Part of the difficulty is that big what will happen and what about... The imagination is fully at play.

I've done my pre soap a thon preparations. stopped drinking coffee last weekend. Trying to drink lots of water, eat well and get some exercise. Of course it is strange as Mark Meer is a machine during the soaps and he does none of this prep. We are all different.

Last night after the meeting the table at the bar was buzzing with the ideas of characters. It is an infectious energy.

This year it is especially true. The theme is such a rich theme and so full of images and drama. But because it is so full it makes it all the harder. Once we begin the world that is Game of Thrones must be let go and we all need to improvise. To let loose in the story we will create. but it is so hard to not think about ideas or things to do. I'm not playing that story but it is here in my mind. In is the first time we have chosen something so specific. It isn't a genre it is a particular world.

I have chosen to play my character based on the Yara Greyjoy character. For those who have seen season two you will have met her. As we have many royal lady roles already being selected I thought this might add a balance. I don't know what I'll call her yet or how she will be. How will she act, react, what will her story be, will she find love, will she claim the throne?  With all of this running in my mind you expect me to sleep?



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