Soap of thrones - soap a thon

There is magical show that is very dear to me, and that is Die Nasty - the liveimprovised soap opera. I was fortunate to be a founding member of this show and to experience the growth and development of what it has grown into. Die Nasty is a wonderful blend of stories based on theconnection between people with a mix of drama and comedy.  We want the audience to feel they are seeing a well crafted play as far as the look, feel, acting and staging go and also to be in an improvised show with the delight of the spontaneous moment letting loose at any given moment.

Each year Die Nasty hosts a soap a thon, a 50 hour continuous story. It is an amazing romp into the unconscious mind played through high drama and comedic skill.

I am delighted to be back in Edmonton this year for another soap a tone, this year using Game of Throne inspiration. I am going to try to blog moments over the course of the event from the pre show meetings to moments during weekend. We will see how that goes, but that is the aim.

For now, here are some thoughts from tonight's first meeting.

Soap meeting

The first soap rehearsal is so exciting.  It is the first gathering, the first view of the set and of the various players stepping into the weekend.  The nervousness of the new players, the homecoming joy and the general excitement for the journey we are about to take.

The challenge this year is going to be capturing the genre of game of thrones without restricting ourselves to replaying what we already have seen.  To not be game of Thrones but to be the alternative universe.  So much potential.

I just found out that one of our audience members will be live blogging from the show so I will find out those details....ah we are starting!!!! Plus twittering will be happening with hash tag #soapofthrones Soaps On!


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