The eyes have it.

I’m a bit giddy right now.  Giddy as I am replaying in my mind a workshop I’ve done recently and the faces of people in the group.  There were people who from first contact to end result were so visibly changed.  Eyes open, faces bright with wonder, and fear lifted. 

I’m giddy because of their change.  I love that!  I remember that!  I crave that!  Change happens when many factors hit that moment and boom - change!  The eyes light up! 

I love when peoples eyes light up in impro. 

It could be in the eyes of the audience, participants in a workshop or a fellow performer.  I love that look!  That special eyes wide with wonder, twinkling with the delight of impro!  It is delicious!!

When it happens in the eyes of the audience I know we have them.  They are in the moment with us surfing the impro wave and loving the ride.  It is a great rush.

When it happens in participants I know that something hit.  Be it the words said or the moment experienced.  Something happened right then to change them and to help them move another step forward on the impro road.  It is a great privilege and I am humbled by it every time.

When it happens with another performer I know they are in and lit up.  They are feeling that surge of delight one gets when you’ve been inspired.  The inspiration can come from challenge, the unexpected, the scene, the playfulness, the connection, or just the sheer enjoyment of that moment.  When I see it in their eyes, it fills me as well.  It is a real joy to see someone light up, and such a wonderful experience. 

If you are reading this and thinking ‘huh’ or realise you don’t watch the eyes of people when improvising I ask you to try it and see what you can see.


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