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Post show notes

Our emotional response to the note makes it negative or positive. If you are seeking validation and praise in notes then any note that doesn’t reward you, will be perceived as negative because it will rub your ego the wrong way. However, if you are listening to notes for information you will hear this note as that and be curious to learn more.

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Don't do your best.

Process rehearsals work in solving problems together as a team so notes are necessary as it is input of information to help understand if we solved the problems or we need to try new approaches.

End goal rehearsals work in identifying what you should and should not do in a very right and wrong mentality. It creates more individual and less team focus. 

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We are our only creative limitation.

Valentines Day a day of death, imprisonment and whipping. What the? Today is the day sold as the day of love and romance.  However, many bloody brawls will take place, many hearts will be broken, there will be emptiness and loneliness and many expectations will be dashed on the rocks of hope. You may be thinking 'um...Patti...this is a real downer .... what the hell are you on about?'

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