Franz Liszt - an improviser at heart

I've been doing some reading and research and surfing various webpages. I am always delighted when I stumble accross historic icons who have the heart of improviser. I believe Franz Liszt was one.

Why? Well, he embodied Make Your Partern Look Good by selflessly promoted the works of fellow composers; Wagner, Grieg, Smetana, Berlioz, Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Faure, Borodin and others.

He challenged himself to find ways to be inspired In the moment. He would ask the audience for a melody suggestion written down on a piece of peer and put into a hat. He would draw slips out of the hat and improvise a piece. Audiences were impressed by his uncanny ability to improvise an original composition. Could this be the true origins of 'out of the hat'?

He Inspired others! Liszt taught freely, and often for free, to well over 400 students and he was the first, and perhaps greatest musical philanthropist by raising funds for national disasters and charities.

Are you convinced?

Is there anyone you have come across that you'd say has the heart of an Improviser?
Please share.


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