The Story Thieves

Finally a show that kids can bring their folks to.

The Story Thieves follows the grand tradition of the famed storytellers of the world, including the magical tales of 1001 Nights. The Story Thieves are four charming, mischievous vagabonds who create fantastical tales using audience suggestions and participation. Kids’ ideas come to life through improvisation, circus skills, and comedy in an hour of wonderful mayhem. Anything you can imagine could happen, and does.

"Until a story is shared - it is trapped. We are here to set your stories free!"   - The Story Thieves 

“The Story Thieves is a wonderfully engaging show for all the family, full of energy, wit and imagination....a riotous romp for everyone… four stars!”

– The Herald Sun

“(Their) ability to involve an audience is nothing short of sensational…

- Gene McCarthy, Director - International Entertainment