Quotable Women is a celebration of the female voice.  

Women live in a world where their voices are systematically silenced. This show is about their voice being shared, spoken, heard and valued!

Using quotes from women who inspire us as stimulus for scenes, be it notable women throughout history or those we are fortunate to encounter in our lives. Quotable Women shares their voices and creates space for a playful expedition into the often un-improvised stories of women by women.

Quotable Women was first performed in Melbourne, Australia on the anniversary of the first women's rights convention in the USA.   It has also been performed in Canada, France, Italy and the UK.

“Like many industries improvisation has been male dominated which, in turn, creates work that is male focused. I wanted to create a show that is female focused. A space for female improvisors to play with the female voice, perspective and to explore stories and characters we don’t often get to play. When you silence someone’s voice, you gain control. Through this control you can construct the story you want told. The perception that women can’t, don’t or haven’t is false. Women do, can and have but our sheros are not given the same space in the history books. This lack of awareness seeps into improvisation and creates work riddled with gender bias which, unknowingly, validates and perpetuate this bias. Quotable Women creates space to hear the voices of women who inspire and to allow that voice be our influence.” Patti Stiles