How the west was improvised

Frontier life is hard and your survival could lie in the barrel of a colt .45

Hitch a ride with us into the Wild West, into parched landscapes and rugged rural terrain. Meet strong-willed women, nomadic cowboys, gunfighters and questionable law biding citizens.  Experience the untamed, chilling, rough and tumble anarchy of a world where people's moral codes, loyalty and survival are put to the test. 

How The West Was Improvised created and directed by Patti Stiles, is a movie length improvised Western capturing the cinematic texture and spirit of the classic Westerns genre.  Staging the parched landscapes and rugged rural terrain with use of projected images, the actor’s breathe life into the stories through stillness and silence unique in an improvised show. Portraying the rough and tumble anarchy of the West, the stories mine the dark tones of the Western genre.

“Westerns never age.  Power and money still rides shotgun over decency and compassion. People are struggling with their moral code v.s fear.” Patti Stiles  

How The West Was Improvised was first performed in Melbourne, Australia (2011) for Secret Impro Theatre. It has also been performed in Dubai, UAE (Dubai Impro Fringe 2017), Amsterdam, Netherlands (IMPRO Amsterdam Festival 2017), Sintra Portugal (Festival 2016), and Canberra, Australia (Improvention Festival 2012).