New Tricks

Hello brave readers in cyber world.

Snicker to yourselves as you watch yet another newbie tentatively step into this world of blogging.  Oh you who play effortlessly in this world I envy you.  To the newcomer it is a daunting adventure.  There are sites dedicated to the 100 most popular blog titles words, 65 words to spice up your blog headlines, tips, and tactics all designed to tempt you dear reader to choose me.  The pressure!  These first steps feel like waiting to be asked to dance, or being picked for a sports team.  Will I be accepted or rejected?  Will I stand on the out of bounds basketball gym line looking in, will I be the last one picked? Is this what this is about?  I guess I shall learn.  Dear reader, if we are to have any relationship then I will be honest with you. I will not set out to woo you.  I’ve never been into the impress game. It is your choice and I respect that.  I offer me and my thoughts, authentic me.  Ah! But will this strong position of a first blog hold when I am speaking to no one.  Will I litter my blogs with the 65 spicy words? If a blog travels cyber space and no one reads does it still make a sound?  Stay tuned!

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